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Terms of Service, Purchase and Use of Software

Software is free to download and run on a 14 day trial basis. There are some printing and other minor restrictions during the trial period, otherwise the software is fully functional. We encourage you to fully test and experiment with the program to be sure it will meet your needs and work with your operating system.

In order to pay for the software, click on 'Purchase'. Our payment processor is Paypal and in the event you do not have an account, they accept all major credit cards. Once you have made payment, Paypal will notify us via email including the email address you specify when making the purchase.

We will respond to this address with a request to provide profile information so that we can generate your registration key. Please exclude us from your email spam filters to be sure you will receive our message and it does not end up in your trash or spam folder.

You will hear from us within 48 hours or less if during our normal business hours, excluding weekends and holidays. Check your email spam or junk folder or follow up with an email directly to us if you do not see our message.

Upon receipt of payment, we will set up your account with the information we have. We will attempt to contact you again with at least one follow up email if you do not reply after a few days.

Your account will be closed if you do not respond to our emails within 14 days after payment is received. You may request a refund (less a $20 processing fee) within 30 days of the date of your payment. We will automatically issue this refund after that time.
No refund is possible once a registration key has been sent.

Once you are a registered user and have a valid registration key, there is no charge for re-installation to a new or additional system you may own.

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