LoanShark Mortgage Software


Software Download Instructions for Windows XP, Windows 7, and Up:

New Users:

Do NOT select 'run' from the download window. Choose 'SAVE' and then select 'DESKTOP' as your download destination. Once downloaded, you will see a new 'package' on your desktop.

Close any programs you may have open at this time and then select the Shark.exe package icon to install the software. Follow installation instructions and let your computer restart when finished. You will now see a new desktop icon for LoanShark. Double click to start.

Upgrades or Re-Installs:

Always make a backup of your data. Select Tools | Backup Data and back up to the default directory or better yet - a drive and directory of your choice. When done, be sure and close the LoanShark program !!

Uninstall your current version with the Windows uninstall utility, then follow above (New Users) instructions. Your default backup directory will not be deleted and you can restore your saved data from there. You will need to re-enter your profile and registration number.

Contact us if you need help or have questions.

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