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Here are the most often asked questions and corresponding answers to using our LoanShark Software.

Will this software work with Windows© Version 8/10?
      Yes, if there is an issue on your system try to reinstall it using Compatibility Mode set to Windows 7 and it should work just fine. Always download and install it to make sure before purchasing.

Will this software work with my network?

I am using the software at work. Can I use it at home as well?
      Yes, you may use it on multiple systems so long as you use the same name and address in your profile.

I want to install the software in a different computer and have lost my original registration key.
      Email us at with your name, address and purchase date (can be an estimate) and we will regenerate your key and send it to you for a one-time fee.
My computer crashed, can I reuse my original registration key?
      Yes. The same goes if your system crashed and you need to re-install but have lost the original key. There is a $25 Key Recovery fee charged per instance.

I have paid for the program and did not receive my registration key.
      We respond to the email address you use to purchase the software as soon as we are notified.
     Look in your email junk or spam folder.

Is there a limit as to how many loans I can process?
      No limits - LoanShark will handle as many accounts as you have.

Can I change the borrower's address?
      Yes - you may change their address and phone. You may not change their name.
     If you need to change the name, you must open a new account.

Can I change my company name?
      No. If you have a new company, you must purchase another license for that name.

Can I post funds collected as escrow for taxes and insurance?
      Yes - you can either post an additional payment for the given period or include it as part of that period's total payment.

The borrower has increased the loan amount by borrowing additional moneys from me.
      You can change the amount owed with the loan properties from the main menu.

I did not receive payment from the borrower - what should I do?
      When you do not collect a payment for the given period, you should post a payment using $0 as the amount received.
     This will ensure you are credited any interest due.

Borrower has made irregular payments and wants a new amortization schedule.
      You can preview and print that from the main menu.

Can I print IRS end of year tax forms?
      No - these forms require special formats that we do not provide.
     However, there are reports that will give you the information you need to fill in the form.

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