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A PC Desktop Financial Software Application for Windows

This software was first introduced to the internet in 2002. Our previous long standing and popular release was version 6.xx

If you own mortgage notes, lend money, finance furniture, fixtures, mobile homes, cars or equipment or have sold your home with owner financing, this program will track your incoming payments and accurately allocates amounts to principal and interest as well as escrow so you always know exactly how much is owed you.

None of your sensitive data is posted or available for search on the web. We do not collect private information except for our own database that contains your name, contact information and registration key. Any incidentals such as email addresses are never sold or disclosed to third parties by us.

We have active users in the US, Canada, Australia and other English speaking countries.

Our customer base includes hundreds of private individuals, lenders, accountants, mortgage brokers, government agencies, auto and mobile home dealers, real estate agents, mortgage investors and others who have or handle incoming loan and/or mortgage payments and need to keep accurate records of their notes receivables.

LoanShark version 7.0 was a major upgrade including the ability to email messages, notes, generated reports and payment notices to your borrowers. You will now have a choice to apply debits such as late payment charges or insufficient interest either to the principal balance (to be amortized) or as a charge against the account. Many other changes and fixes have been addressed and we are sure you will be pleased. Version 7.5 has the added capability of handling quarterly payment loans.

If you use our product, and liked it, please do pass the word onto your friends and business associates too. Invited them to evaluate a great mortgage software program without any obligation, risk of virus, spyware or malware. We really appreciate the support of good customers like you!

We are sorry, but we had to disable our automatic feedback form due to abuse and spam.
For support and/or sales inquiries please email us.

For comments or questions about our software, please use this email address. We would like to hear from you !

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